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Love Your Lungs

PATIENTS will be breathing easier thanks to the artistic endeavours of local primary school children

Before the social distancing lock down came into force, head boy Zac Wilson and head girl Ruby West of Gurney Pease Academy, paid a visit to the respiratory ward of Darlington Memorial Hospital to present vibrant artwork to nurses and patients.

The initiative was part of a programme called ‘Breath and Breathing’ highlighting the importance of ‘loving your lungs’ run in partnership with Breathe Easy, a support group for people with respiratory disease.

Pupils at Gurney Pease Academy, part of the Education Village Academy Trust, learned about the importance of fresh air and lung health.

Breathe Easy is run entirely by volunteers who themselves have respiratory disease. Former chairman explained that within the group there were people with COPD, popcorn lung, asthma, aspergillosis and numerous other diseases, who came together for support and friendship....

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